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Dr Joanna Lovatt - Opening Christmas presents

The Gift of Giving

Posted 19 December 2019

Is everyone sorted, or are you still after something special for someone even more special? Whether you find choosing the perfect Christmas present stressful or delightful, there is beauty in giving.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Hands holding Christmas gift

Winter Wonder-hands

Posted 10 December 2019

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere we go – time to look fabulous! Dressing up or down, don’t forget the accessories this year. Like make-up, a little bling and some winter wonder-hands.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Christmas party in high heels

Toys, Thermals and ThermaVein

Posted 28 November 2019

Whether you’re more of a sparkle fairy or grumpy Grinch, there’s no denying Christmas is coming and it’s time to get set for the festive season. Bring on the toys, thermals and ThermaVein.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Face wash, exfoliation

Unlocking your Skin Microbiome

Posted 14 November 2019

Our skin microbiome communicates with our immune system to keep everything in tip-top condition. Research is indicating our skin microbiome also communicates with our gut microbiome – healthy outside, healthy inside!

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Relaxing treatment

Niksen - how will you do nothing?

Posted 22 October 2019

Following hot on the heels of hygge and lagom, the latest lifestyle concept to reach our shores is 'niksen'. So is it worth it? And in today’s 24-7 society, how can we cultivate a culture where we all do a little more nothing?

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Winter woman drinking tea

Winter bodies are made in Autumn

Posted 8 October 2019

As the saying goes, summer bodies are made in winter. However if you feel as if you’ve spent all summer preparing for winter instead, the trick is to remember that winter bodies are made in autumn.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Highclere Castle / Downton Abbey

From Downton to Design

Posted 17 September 2019

While many of us may dream of dressing for an evening at Downton Abbey, this season’s designs are far more eclectic than that. With so much on-trend, how can we look great as we head into autumn?

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Lady blowing dandelion

Be prepared

Posted 3 September 2019

Whether you swear by spur-of-the-moment decisions or prefer to spend at least a month planning ahead, Bank Holidays are all about relaxing and taking a break. And in that way, they are pretty similar to treatments.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Lady blowing dandelion

Show your nose some love

Posted 13 August 2019

Now pollen season is finally on its way out, you may be one of 10 million who is doing less sneezing and more thinking that your poor red nose deserves some proper TLC to leave your nose looking lovely again.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Lady holding her neck

Brass Neck Chic

Posted 1 August 2019

Staring us in the face, it is our necks which are obvious, yet often get ignored. A good skincare regime can help our face to stay as collagen and elastin filled as possible, but we forget to apply this to our necks as well.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Lady in a straw hat

Look your best this summer

Posted 16 July 2019

Summer bodies are made in winter, or so the saying goes. If however you’re running a little late this year, happily Botox is one 21st century tweakment that ignores the rules to look your best this summer.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Doctor chatting with a patient

See the back of annoying back fat

Posted 2 July 2019

Whatever piques your patience, the chances are you’re not the only one. And the same could be said for body niggles. There is a treatment than can help you see the back of it for good.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Doctor chatting with a patient

The Big Alternative to a BBL

Posted 18 June 2019

Thanks largely to social media and the Kim Kardashian effect, bums are literally the latest big thing. And the desire for cheeky curves shows no sign of slowing down. Which is just peachy.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Doctor chatting with a patient

Mental Health Awareness

Posted 4 June 2019

Treatments can have a positive impact on our mental health by increasing self-esteem and decreasing anxiety among other ways. However, for a few people treatments are not a healthy option – mentally healthy that is.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Redhead smiling in the sun

Have you had enough of sun spots?

Posted 21 May 2019

If like most people you plan on a summer al fresco, don’t forget whilst you’re soaking up the rays, always protect your skin. And if you’ve already had enough of ageing sun spots – don’t despair!

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Fashionable woman walking in city

Mary, Queen of Skirts

Posted 7 May 2019

Whether you’re a dedicated follower of fashion or not, two styles making a comeback are the midi and mini skirts. But who do we have to thank for the high hemline – and how can we help our legs cope?

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Group of women standing together

The Pursuit of Happiness

Posted 18 April 2019

A good bottle of red, running a PB, nailing a presentation and five minutes peace are all popular but in a world with almost endless options, is there anything we can do to pursue that little bit more happiness?

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Group of women standing together

Heads Up!

Posted 2 April 2019

If like many people you’ve already started planning your spring look then you may well have noticed something a little different this season. Give yourself a heads-up on how to shine even more this spring.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Group of women standing together

Ladies That Launch

Posted 19 March 2019

From politicians to everyday people, the focus of International Women's Day is on championing women and working towards a more gender-balanced future. Let’s celebrate the ladies that launched.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Woman tanning on beach decking

The Rise of the Wedgie

Posted 5 March 2019

If you’re dreaming of swimming pools, sunbathing and beach days you may already be searching out a new summer wardrobe. Along with strappy dresses and sandals, swimwear is a seasonal staple.

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Woman blowing into her cold hands

Don't Act Your Age

Posted 19 February 2019

It can get us down, but age should simply be numerical. In a world where our years may define us, we’d probably all like to look a little younger. Could it be time to take control so we can look and act anything but our age?

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Woman blowing into her cold hands

A Helping Hand in the Cold

Posted 5 February 2019

Snow, it’s snow joke. Whether you were stuck in traffic chaos or enjoying well-deserved snow days recently, those tiny flakes had a big impact. But did you know that snow can disrupt your skin too?

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Legs raised in the air

Blue Sky Dreaming

Posted 17 January 2019

Ads are great at reminding you to book a summer holiday. If you love your holiday body, then your break will likely be far more relaxing, so is now is the time to book a treatment as well as a ticket?

Dr Joanna Lovatt - Celebrating New Years with champagne

Start 2019 with a Resolution Revolution

Posted 8 January 2019

The new year is here! Many of us will have attempted to maximise this potential by making some new year’s resolutions, but what stops our success - could it be time for a resolution revolution?