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H&M, Moschino and Man-Shaping for the Winter

Posted 20 November 2018
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At the beginning of the month, high street retailer H&M released their latest collaboration collection. This time the line was designed by Italian fashion house Moschino and it landed with almost celebrity status. After shoppers had queued for 11 hours, some of the limited edition pieces were sold out in minutes, making MoschinoXH&M one successful collection.

The big logos, leather and gold bling may not be to everyone’s taste, but the collaboration proved one thing – fashion doesn’t hibernate in winter. As the weather gets colder, are you ready to take on the seasonal trends with style?

If Moschino’s controversial condom wrapper designs don’t cut it for you, there are still plenty of top winter trends waiting to be worn this season. Checks are set to be big (literally in some cases) alongside a return to nineties-wear and cowboy chic. Brown has also been allowed out of the boredom category and is now the colour of the season.

Perhaps most practically, shearling coats, padded jackets and layering are officially in and ready to keep you warm when it’s cold outside.

Practicality can bring peril though, especially if you’re already carrying a little extra insulation of your own. For anyone who is unhappy with their shape, winter is the super season when you can cover everything up and forget about it.

Theoretically. The problem is that thick coats and chunky layers actually accentuate those areas that carry extra inches. If you’re worried about looking more Michelin man than Bear Grylls wearing your outdoor winter gear, there are a few tips that can help.

Firstly, avoid horizontal stripes and colour-blocking, they only serve to break-up your body and emphasise width. Black and navy are the most slimming colours, so go for that puffer jacket in one of them to minimise any problems. If you can’t bear to go without colour, lighten up your outfit with bright accessories. Next, get clothes that fit.

This might sound obvious, but a good fit is really important. Clothes that are too tight or too baggy both leave us looking larger than life. Also, stand tall. Men are apt to slouch, but good posture can take 5lb from our appearance. Finally, layer with care. Try to avoid thick layers and go instead for good quality material. A t-shirt and thin jumper will do a lot under a toasty coat.

All these ideas will help with your look this winter, but if you really want to take control of your shape then it is worth going for something more permanent. Less manscaping and more man-shaping, 3D Lipo is the perfect non-invasive treatment for fat reduction. Ideal for general inch loss on tums, bums and thighs, it is pain free and requires no down time. Plus, 3D Lipo offers measurable results straight away so after just one treatment you are on the road to shape success.

Don’t hide away for another season, instead take control of your shape and wear your seasonal wardrobe with style.

Contact me by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517 to arrange a free consultation and see how 3D Lipo can help you feel happy well into the New Year.

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