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Legs 11

Posted 6 November 2018
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Bingo – the traditional game that has embraced the modern day. Apps and girls’ night adverts have helped bingo win a new following in recent years and the bubble showing no signs of bursting. It’s all a far cry from the blue rinse bingo of old, but thankfully one part of the game has remained, bingo calls.

These quirky and absurdly British terms are fun, but like all cockney rhyming slang contain some truth too. So, everyone loves a 2, while no one wants to be an 88 or caught with a 44 - and most of us wouldn’t mind getting some good ‘legs 11’. Which makes it appropriate that November is the eleventh month of the year, because it is the perfect time to think about your winter legs. Yes, legs in winter.

Winter may be the season we think about covering up, but in reality it’s about showing off as well. And this year in particular it could be your legs on show. Blanket coats and colour-blocking are both in this year, but right now one of the most popular trends Instagram influencers are posting about is the satin or silk midi skirt.

This piece is set to be a wardrobe staple throughout the winter, especially with a leopard print or snakeskin design. Falling somewhere between below-the-knee and mid-calf, these skirts are incredibly versatile. They look perfect teamed with an over-sized knit by day or a silk shirt for glamour at night – your winter wardrobe may never have been so easy.

There could be a blot on the landscape though, because if you think your legs are a little sad or shapeless then you may well end up feeling self-conscious rather than fashion-confident this season. Add in that special Christmas party dress and winter turns into a time when your legs may well pull you down rather than help you stand tall.

Thread veins and tricky-to-shift fat are both problems that can leave us longing after lovelier legs, but the good news is they are remarkably simple to solve. The secret is planning ahead.

If you are troubled by thin, unsightly dilated veins lying just below the skin on your legs, I offer Microsclerotherapy. Highly effective and minimally invasive, the treatment uses a fine needle to inject a substance into the vein and seal it, eventually destroying it. The process causes very little discomfort and requires only a short amount of downtime, you can even drive home afterwards.

It will leave your legs looking a bit bruised however so now is the time to book this treatment if you’d like your legs to look lovely all through winter.

For help to shape up your legs, I offer 3D Lipo. From stubborn knee fat to general inch loss around the thighs and hips, 3D Lipo can leave your legs looking amazing and ready for any outfit. The treatment is safe, non-invasive and virtually pain free. Fat cells are destroyed and then naturally disposed of by the body, with no need for down time.

If you’d like to have the confidence to wear your wardrobe with pride, contact me by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517 to book a free consultation. Aim for legs 11 and feel great this winter.

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