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The art of choosing a tattoo to last

Posted 16 October 2018
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Sometimes spur-of-the-moment decisions are the best we ever make, like spontaneously messaging your mates and going for a drink or taking a run in the rain to feel more alive. Other times, more thought is required.

When our choices have long term consequences, it is always best to take time over them. This includes choosing your next tattoo.

In a recent survey, more than half of men asked admitted they spent only a few days or less considering their body art – and regretted it. So if you’re thinking of getting inked, take your time and learn the art of choosing the right tattoo.

Previously I wrote about how the recent survey on tattoo regret had revealed the most repented designs for both men and women were names, however beyond that there were divisions between the genders. So guys, if you would like a tattoo to last, here are some top tips.

Firstly, beware of trends. Tribal art and Asian character designs have risen in popularity over recent years thanks to celebrities like David Beckham and The Rock. They don’t stand the test of time though and are the most regretted designs after names. If names are too personal then it is possible tribal designs are too impersonal, or simply too common.

As something that will literally be a part of you, opt for something that has meaning rather than mass-market appeal.

Next, after what, carefully consider where? The space where you place your body art can be just as important as the design itself. The survey revealed that the most regretted tattoo locations by far were the lower arms and biceps. These areas are the hardest to hide and can even prohibit you from certain careers so future proof your tattoo by putting it in the right place.

Also, consider where you are as well as where your tatt will be. Lots of men regretted a tattoo they had got whilst on a night out and for a fair few that included their stag do. Alcohol can affect our judgment, so just like we shouldn’t drink and drive, don’t drink and ink! Being sober will help avoid an unwanted tattoo hangover.

Finally, again, take time over your decision. Over half of the men questioned regretted a tattoo because they had either got bored of it or it had lost its value. We’re all apt to change our minds, but the chances are if you still love an idea after a few months or a year, you will continue to love it.

If you’re reading this and have already fallen foul of tattoo troubles, don’t worry. I can help you lose unloved body art using laser tattoo removal. This incredibly safe and effective treatment uses a targeted laser to break down tattoo ink so it can be disposed of naturally by the body. Suitable for amateur or professional work, laser tattoo removal can even target just a specific area of body art if you would like a design altered rather than completely gone.

To discover more, contact me by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517 to book a free consultation. It’s never too late to discover the art of choosing the right tattoo.

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