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From Romance to Regret - Why women fall out of love with their tattoos

Posted 18 September 2018
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Breaking up is hard to do, as the well-known song tells us. It also happens pretty often, meaning most of us will at some point have been in a relationship that fell short of forever - and survived. Long after the romance has gone though, many women today are left feeling a sense of regret.

This isn’t as much about the relationship, but more over the permanent reminder of it inked on their bodies. Tattoo designs dedicated to loved ones are incredibly popular, but if a relationship doesn’t last they can also be problematic.

Whatever makes us fall out love with our body art, when romance turns to regret it’s time to think about laser tattoo removal.

In large parts of the world, tattoos have been a male dominated art form for most of history. Thankfully recent history has provided more freedom and over the last two decades in particular, the amount of women getting tattoos has really been on the rise. So much so in fact, we’re now approaching the point in the UK where there could soon be more women than men sporting body art.

This rise in inking has brought with it a rise in re-thinking too and the results are now in on which tattoos cause the most trouble. A recent survey by the University of Portsmouth and Casino.org revealed that the design most women regretted getting done was someone’s name. The romantic gesture of having a partner’s name permanently with us is an understandable one, but it is also risky. Relationships don’t always work out as planned and having a constant reminder of a past love is not pleasant.

Names of lovers and even celebrities are not the only body art problems we can face though. The survey also showed that decision-making, placement and quality all play a part in whether we continue to love our tattoos. The most regretted location by far for women was the lower back, where designs have earned the unfortunate ‘tramp stamp’ moniker.

Other main reasons for regret were because a tattoo had faded, was badly drawn or had just become boring.

Nearly half of the women who took part in the survey admitted to covering up their offending body art and nearly a third had considered tattoo removal – but not gone ahead with it. If you are in a similar position, let me reassure you that the process is far more simple and effective than you may realise.

I offer laser tattoo removal at my practise in Salisbury and know it can give fantastic results. The process uses light from a laser to safely shatter tattoo ink, leaving tiny pigment particles which are then naturally disposed of by the body. If you have a dreaded name within a design you still love, I can also remove a just selected section of a tattoo ready for re-inking.

If your tattoo romance has turned to regret, contact me by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517 to arrange a free consultation. Fall back in love with your body again.

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