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A lasting impression

Posted 4 September 2018
Dr Joanna Lovatt - Body confident woman

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. There is little denying the truth in that statement, but perhaps more important than the impression we start with is the impression we leave.

While first impressions can be changed, a lasting impression stands the test of time and in the end is far more valuable. From that teacher who inspired you at school to beautiful memories of your latest holiday, lasting impressions are usually the best. It’s exactly the same when it comes to treatments too.

Particularly when it comes to 3D Lipo, some of the most frequent questions I see people asking in online forums are, ‘does the treatment work?’ and ‘how long do the results last?’ These are two great questions to ask. Before beginning any treatment it is important to know if it will be worth investing time, effort, hope and finance in.

Some treatments require regular procedures to maintain their effectiveness, but 3D Lipo is not like that. Given a healthy and sensible lifestyle, 3D Lipo has long term benefits - it leaves a lasting impression.

3D Lipo combines cryolipolysis and ultrasound cavitation for fat loss, radio frequency for skin tightening and dermology for cellulite reduction. It takes a three-dimensional approach to non-surgical body contouring and has fast become a fat-loss sensation. This popularity is mostly down to its effectiveness and ease.

Cryolipolysis uses a very cold temperature to freeze fat cells and is perfect for stubborn fat pockets that simply refuse to shift. The nature of the treatment means fat cells are destroyed rather than shrunk, meaning they are permanently removed from the body.

Ultrasound cavitation targets larger areas of fat often found on tums, bums and thighs and is great for general inch loss. It uses a strong wave of pressure to break down fat cells, again destroying them.

These procedures both ensure that the targeted fat cells are not able to grow again, making results effective and long-lasting. There is a caveat to this, but it is down to the individual and not the treatment. While 3D Lipo results in targeted fat cells dying and subsequently being removed from the body, other fat cells will remain.

In short, when we consume more calories than we burn off, our bodies store the extra energy as fat to be used at a later date. Therefore to maintain the benefits of 3D Lipo, it is important to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. This will help prevent more unwanted fat appearing.

Radio frequency and dermology likewise are treatments with long term benefits. The energy produced by radio frequency encourages collagen and elastin production which tightens the skin, leaving it looking smoother and younger. Dermology in turn uses vacuum skin rolling to improve the appearance of cellulite. Both offer safe and effective long lasting results, though they can be boosted with additional future sessions if you prefer.

3D Lipo is a brilliant treatment that leaves a beautiful lasting impression.

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