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Why we should all have some ice in the heatwave

Posted 9 August 2018
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You know it’s officially a heatwave in the UK when people gather round fans rather than TVs, your feet stick to the pavement and supermarkets battle to keep their ice shelves full. The mercury has been high for months now, which means we’ve all been looking for ways to stay cool. Ice is a great go-to in hot weather, but have you discovered its full potential?

When the country appears lava-red on weather maps, little beats dropping a couple of ice cubes into a gin and tonic or going to the freezer for a sneaky ice cream treat. Interestingly, consuming cold food and drink doesn’t cool our bodies for very long though. Instead, we feel good because the pleasant cooling sensation satisfies our sense of thirst.

Chilled drinks, especially water, are also excellent for rehydrating – which will leave us feeling much better too!

It is still ok to like ice lollies though. As well as tasting good and giving us temporary respite from the heat, they were also responsible for the discovery of another rather cool use for ice.

A few years ago, it was noticed that sucking on an ice lolly led to a temporary reduction in cheek fat and so the medical phenomenon of ‘popsicle panniculitis’ was born. When two doctors also heard the slightly bizarre story that a woman had lost thigh fat after riding naked on a horse in cold weather, they began to do some research.

The doctors discovered that exposing a region of the body to a cold temperature resulted in a loss of fat in that area. Fat cells, they found out, are more sensitive to cold than other body tissues like nerves, muscles and the skin. After some more investigation, the doctors calculated the optimum cold temperature for destroying fat cells while leaving the rest of the body unharmed. Cryolipolysis was created.

In the heat, carrying some excess baggage can cause us to feel even hotter. Fat acts a bit like a blanket, insulating our body and making it work harder to move muscles so our temperature rises. If our bodies are a little out of shape we may also feel self-conscious in hot weather. Summer clothing may be cooling, but makes it much harder to cover up those areas we are unhappy about.

Using an ice cold temperature for fat reduction can give the long-lasting benefits of inch loss, body shaping and body cooling – leaving us feeling better inside and out. However, if you don’t fancy a daily Lady Godiva tribute act, then I recommend you try the cryolipolysis treatment I offer.

On its own or as part of 3D Lipo bespoke treatment package, cryolipolysis uses a temperature of -5°C to destroy fat cells which the body then disposes of naturally. It is non-invasive, virtually pain free and needs no downtime so you can easily look great and get on with your summer.

Ice is great in a gin and tonic, but if you’d prefer some of its long term benefits then contact me to arrange a free consultation by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517. Stay cool with cryolipolysis and make the most of the summer heat.

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