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The Gift of a Smile

Posted 24 July 2018
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Most of us would agree that not many things in this world can beat a smile. Simple, natural, heart-warming and free – smiles are fantastic. What after all is cuter than a baby’s happy giggle, more genuine than a child’s cheeky grin, or more welcome than the smile of a loved one as they catch a glimpse of you? When we smile it brightens our day and the days of those around us, surely then it would be good if we could all worry less and smile more?

On average a child smiles 400 times a day, but something seems to happen during puberty because we smile far less as we grow up. Last year, colour-loving shoe company Moshulu commissioned a happiness study and found that as adults on average we only smile 11 times a day. Which is a shame. It means we are missing out on so many benefits for body and mind, inside and out.

Universally used and recognised, smiling has been described as the world’s most powerful gesture and it is easy to see why. When we smile we not only display pleasure, but set-off a chain reaction to give our bodies a real boost. The facial movements from a smile cause our brain to release endorphins into the body, which make us feel happy and can put us in a more positive mood.

Increased endorphins also help to reduce stress and combat anxiety, meaning smiling puts us in a win-win situation.

Staying inside the body, smiling has also been shown to help lower blood pressure, improve our immune systems and, thanks once again to endorphins, be a natural painkiller.

Moving on to our character, smiley people are often perceived to be more trustworthy, friendly and likeable. If you’ve ever avoided the grump in the group then you’ll appreciate how much easier it is to relax and enjoy time with someone who smiles rather than scowls. At work, smiling can make us more approachable for clients and more productive. Ultimately, smiling can make us happier and healthier which in turn makes us smile even more – setting a positive cycle in motion.

So amidst a life of busyness, bills and Brexit what can we do to start the smile cycle more often? The answer may well be more about us than our circumstances. When we look our best we often feel our best, we get an inner confidence and life seems good. So taking care of something that bothers us about our body can have a huge impact on how we feel – and how much we feel like smiling.

From losing unwanted inches to banishing embarrassing blemishes and vanishing unsightly veins, I offer gold star, non-invasive treatments to improve your body and your outlook. Most are pain free and need no down time so they won’t take up all of your well-deserved summer holiday. Looking good and feeling good really could be a lot easier than you imagine.

For a free consultation, contact me by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517 and treat yourself the gift of a smile this summer. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

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