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Wedding Belle Season is Here

Posted 7 June 2018
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As a rather royal couple showed the world last month – wedding season is officially here. The newly-titled Duke and Duchess of Sussex may have claim to the most famous ceremony, but they are by no means the only couple tying the knot this summer.

In fact, according to online wedding planner Bridebook, 8 of the top 10 most popular wedding dates for 2018 fall between now and September. So with the season for wedding bells and belles upon us, are you ready to look your best for the big day?

There are some wedding outfit etiquette rules that should always be observed, no matter how famous you happen to be. Oprah Winfrey came close to breaking one of these recently at the royal wedding after a last minute realisation her chosen beige number came out rather light in photographs. It is of course not the done thing to wear anything resembling bridal-white, but thankfully Oprah has friends in high places and was able to call upon the team at Stella McCartney who created a bespoke pink alternative in just one night. No need for safety pins and a spare pair of tights when you are a celebrity!

Aside from out-doing the bride, other frequent outfit problems include headwear, jackets and shoes. Remember only the mother-of-the-bride’s hat should have the potential to cause a solar eclipse, never wear the coat you last wore around Sainsbury's and avoid any killer heels that will leave you anchored in the grass at the reception.

Successfully swerving all these faux pas will help your wedding wardrobe, but some things can still stop you feeling fine about your appearance an on a day when cameras are capturing every moment. Skin blemishes, warts and thread veins can all have a negative effect on our self-esteem and a vicious circle means if you are feeling self-conscious in photos, you will likely look self-conscious – and so on.

You do not have to endure this forever though. There are simple and effective treatments which can leave you looking and feeling tip-top from top to toe.

Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and although usually harmless, are unsightly and unpleasant. They may appear anywhere on the body, but are most often found on the hands and feet – areas hard to hide at summer weddings. To remove warts, skin tags and other blemishes I offer cryotherapy, a safe and swift solution. Cryotherapy uses a very cold temperature to destroy warts by freezing their cells. It is virtually pain free and requires no preparation or down time – perfect to get you ready for the big day.

If thread veins bother you, I offer ThermaVein®. This is the gold star treatment for facial red vein removal that gives instant, safe and permanent results. It is even licenced for use on the eyelids so wherever veins are troubling you, after treatment people will only notice one thing – your new big smile.

So with wedding belle season here again, contact me by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517 to book a free consultation and stand out for all the right reasons this year.

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