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Here comes the Sun exposure

Posted 10 May 2018
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Its official - May is the new August. The latest research from Weatherquest reveals that while our traditional summer month is becoming cooler and wetter, May is taking up the sunshine mantle. Guaranteed most of us would like to see a few other months follow suit, but our changing weather patterns do at least mean we are set for sunny weeks sooner rather than later.

Spending time in the sun can do our bodies a lot of good. From getting us out in the fresh air and improving our mental health to being a beautiful source of vitamin D, the sun offers so much – but we should always treat it with respect as well as love.

From sunburn to more serious conditions, sun exposure can cause a lot of damage to our skin. The results are obvious, but they need not be permanent. As a qualified GP and with dermatology training, I offer a range of professional treatments that can leave you looking younger and feeling skin-confident again.

Essentially our skin is damaged by the invisible ultraviolet radiation present in sunlight. These UV rays affect the health and working of our skin to cause photoaging and other conditions.

One of the most prevalent results of sun exposure is sun spots. These are brown patches that look like large freckles and often appear on the arms, hands and face – areas most exposed to the sun. They are formed when our skin tries to repair prolonged UV damage by producing excess melanin, causing the skin to look darker. Sun spots can take decades to form, but tanning beds in particular accelerate the process. However fast they appear, these spots generally leave us feeling more self-conscious and looking older.

Another skin condition caused by repeated sun exposure is actinic keratosis. This is a small, scaly growth that feels rough and often has a yellowish crust. Again, problematic areas are those which see the sun most often, like the face, ears, hands and any bald patches on the scalp. This consistent damage leaves the skin unable to repair itself and looking unsightly.

By their nature, sun spots and actinic keratoses appear on parts of the body which are hard to hide. If either condition is making you feel awkward about your appearance, then I offer CryoIQ® cryotherapy - the best in blemish removal. Cryotherapy involves a very cold temperature being applied to a blemish with millimetre precision using a CryoPen™. This freezes and destroys it’s cells, so they can be disposed of by the body. The process is virtually pain free and requires no anaesthetic or down time so your skin can be left looking lovely sooner than you think.

To avoid future skin damage from the sun, I recommend staying under cover during the midday period and wearing suitable clothing like a hat, sunglasses and a top with long sleeves. Also use a good quality sun cream with SPF 30 that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

If you’re suffering as a result of sun exposure and want to feel better about the skin you’re in, please contact me by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517 to arrange a free consultation. Let this summer be one where your skin is repaired rather than damaged.

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