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The Value of Confidence!

Posted 10 April 2018
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If your confidence was a corporation, how would your shares currently be trading? Some of us are naturally outgoing and others are more comfortable with quietness. Regardless of how we prefer to do life though, we will have a better experience if we are assured of ourselves. There is an intrinsic value to confidence that can make us healthier, happier and ready to live well.

We’re probably all familiar with seeing CEOs loudly launching a new product or celebrities courting media attention. They are clearly confident people, but while we may admire their attitude, we may also find ourselves annoyed by it. Thankfully overstated confidence is not what I’m talking about, rather an inner confidence that leaves you ready to face the world in your own way.

A lack of confidence can mean we miss out on so much. When we doubt ourselves we often end up fearing failure and live firmly within our comfort zones, unable to try out new and exciting opportunities. We may also find ourselves restricted by the opinions of other people, basing our behaviour on what friends, colleagues or social media say. Hiding behind others will only cast a shadow on our own lives though, whereas confidence can give us the courage to step out and shine.

When Dove commissioned their largest ever survey, they discovered that unsurprisingly our bodies have a huge impact on our confidence. Responses showed that around 85% of women opt out of important events if they don’t feel good about their appearance. In addition, most young women admitted to being less assertive when they felt body-insecure. So if your looks are causing you to lack confidence, don’t worry – you are not alone.

There is hope though. The survey also found that for many women the essential factor in beating appearance anxiety was to spend quality time caring for themselves.

Making ‘me-time’ to address something that bothers you about your body is a great way to do this. When we literally feel more comfortable in our skin our confidence increases. This feel-good factor can give us more energy and determination to face whatever comes our way in life and courage to take on new experiences. Experts believe we will be more satisfied and happier, with improved relationships, increased work output and better mental health.

If your body is causing you anxiety and you would like to do something to boost your confidence, I offer a wide variety of treatments that can help.

From fat removal, cellulite treatment and skin tightening with 3D Lipo to blemish removal with cryotherapy or vein removal with microsclerotherapy, each treatment is non-invasive and tailored specifically to you. The procedures are essentially pain-free and require no downtime afterwards so your ‘me-time’ won’t need overtime.

Each will help to improve a part of you, letting your confidence grow so you can live up to the potential you already have.

The value of confidence is incredible, so if you would like to own your own life a bit more, contact me by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517 to arrange a free consultation and see how far you can go.

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