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Brace yourself men, summer is coming!

Posted 27 March 2018
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The recent clock changes signified three things – an hour less in bed, lighter evenings and the undeniable approach of summer in the UK. For men the sunnier months often mean looking forward to BBQs, beers in the back garden and of course, beachwear.

Summer style can bring with it some problems though - from budgie smugglers to board shorts, the arrival of summer means it is harder to hide the bits of our bodies we don’t like.

If you’re dreading spending another season sucking it in, then don’t worry guys – there is still time to sort out that stubborn fat and get your body beach ready for this year. Whether you’ve been unhappy with your appearance for a while or just gained a few inches over the winter, you are not alone.

Around 40% of men admit to worrying about their body image and many would even sacrifice a year of their life in exchange for the perfect physique. Thankfully there are much simpler options available. So if you’re feeling more ab flab than ab fab at the moment then relax as I can offer you the latest treatments to get you in shape for summer.

One of the main problems for men is lower back fat, often referred to as ‘love handles’ or ‘mandles’. Whatever name you give them, these pockets of fat can be hard to lose and may develop despite regular workouts. We tend to focus on flexing what we can see in the mirror, so for men this means strong abs, but weaker back muscles where any fat will gather.

Another common issue for men is a full chest. Whilst having a broad chest because of well-worked muscle is viewed positively, larger breasts definitely are not. Carrying a little extra fat in this area can be particularly embarrassing in the summer when bare chests are often called for.

To combat these conditions or for generalised inch loss around the stomach and waist, I offer 3D Lipo treatment. This is the popular and powerful new dimension in non-surgical fat removal. 3D Lipo combines cryolipolysis and ultrasound cavitation for fat reduction with radio frequency and vacuum rolling to improve skin appearance. The procedures are all non-invasive, pain free and require no down time - so you won’t need to take any hours off work to recover. The results can be seen straight away, so if you’re planning to get your shorts on soon then you haven’t left it too late.

3D Lipo can also help with one of the more unrecognised male body problems – stretch marks. Usually associated with pregnant women, these lines appear when the body expands faster than the skin so it is understandable that men develop them too because of muscle or weight gain. To leave your skin looking smoother, younger and healthier, opt for skin tightening as part of your 3D Lipo treatment.

Whether your style is more budgie smugglers or board shorts, there are some great options to improve your summer shape and confidence. For a free consultation and to discuss bespoke treatments, contact me by phoning 01722 632633 or 07493 520517.

Brace yourself and get your body beach-ready - summer is coming!

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