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The Secret to a Successful Consultation

Posted 13 March 2018
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Be prepared. The motto those of you who were a Guide or Scout will never forget. Today sadly carrying Swiss Army knives and Swan Vestas will be more likely to cause problems than solve them, but the principle is still good. Anyone who has ever left their money at home, got sunburnt or run out of cat food will attest to the value of being ready and organised. The same idea applies if you have a cosmetic procedure consultation.

Successful treatments start with successful consultations and one of the best ways to achieve a successful consultation is to ask questions. Your consultation time is as much for you as for your practitioner, so never worry about wasting their time. It is a good idea to consider beforehand what you’d like to know and then go armed with a list of questions that will get you the answers you need.

For everyone thinking about treatment I offer a free consultation, so there is plenty of chance to talk things through. Whatever body concerns you have or procedure you may be considering, I recommend you cover the following areas.

Firstly, ask about your practitioner. I am a UK trained, fully qualified doctor who has practiced for 15 years and is registered with the GMC. I currently work as a GP and am fully qualified and insured to carry out all the treatments I offer. Not everyone in the cosmetic sector is genuine though, so check out your professional’s qualifications. It is a good idea to ask how long someone has been practicing, how many times they have performed the procedure you are interested in and whether they can point you to any independent patient reviews.

Before you begin, also ask yourself personal questions such as what you would like to achieve from the treatment and how you will measure success. It is important that you understand what you want and discuss this with your practitioner so they can talk through your options. This will help you to have accurate expectations and be able to decide afterwards if you feel your treatment was successful.

Next, ask about the procedure itself. All the treatments I offer are minimally invasive and relatively pain free, but it is valuable to know detail. The more informed, the more relaxed and ready you will feel. It is part of my responsible medical philosophy to ensure all my patients are fully informed and receive the right treatment - so feel free to ask away! Find out what exactly will happen, how long it will last and how it will feel. Also consider whether more than one treatment will be necessary and how long the results can be expected to last.

Finally, consider downtime – in order to plan well you will need to know how you will look and feel after your treatment as well as how long any recovery period may take.

Successful treatment really does begin with a successful consultation so feel free to ask about your practitioner, your personal aims, your procedure and your post-treatment time. Remember it’s best to be prepared!

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