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Time to love your body again

Posted 27 February 2018
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Earlier this month the media broke the incredible news that 4 times Olympic champion Laura Kenny will return to competitive cycling just 6 months after giving birth to her first child. Across the country fellow mums mentally applauded her, whilst picking Weetabix out of their hair and wondering if they would ever fit into their favourite jeans again.

Many women find it hard to regain their shape after pregnancy and lose confidence in their appearance, but with a little help it is possible to love your post-baby body again.

Not many weeks go past without a celebrity magazine revealing the latest famous mum looking fabulous only weeks after a new arrival, the reality for most women is very different though.

Many mums find that along with a bundle of joy, they are left with bigger waists and thighs, saggy stomachs, cellulite and stretch marks. Whilst some of these conditions may go along with the sleepless nights, often women will find their bodies remain changed and lose confidence in their appearance. All of this combined with less time for exercise can mean it is easy for mums to fall a little bit out of love with their bodies.

A few women opt to go ‘under the knife’ – but if you prefer a much less drastic, expensive and time-consuming option then I offer some fantastic and effective treatments for mums of all ages.

3D Lipo is non-invasive and uses the latest technology to successfully reduce fat and improve skin appearance. It combines fat-freezing, radio frequency and vacuum rolling to treat a number of post-baby body problems. Instant results, minimal discomfort and no downtime all mean 3D Lipo is a great option for busy mums.

To target stubborn areas of fat like a stomach overhang which won’t shift despite your best exercise efforts, I offer cryolipolysis. Otherwise known as ‘fat freezing’, cryolipolysis uses a cold temperature to damage fat cells which are then disposed of naturally by the body’s lymphatic system. If you have a ‘mummy tummy’ that needs more general inch loss or thighs you’d like to be thinner then ultrasound cavitation is a brilliant body sculpting option. Visible results can be seen straight away so it is perfect for giving your mood as well as your body a lift.

For a lot of women, skin appearance is also a big issue. Baby bumps can leave saggy stomachs, stretch marks and cellulite – none of which will help you feel like a yummy mummy. To leave your skin looking smoother, younger and healthier I offer radio frequency and vacuum skin rolling treatments. These are fantastic options for tightening skin and reducing the appearance of those unwanted stretch marks and cellulite patches.

If you are a mum who’d like to feel more confident about their appearance, why not treat yourself for a change this Mothers’ Day? I can put together a bespoke plan that will leave you looking your best and ready to love your body again.

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