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Be more confident in your couture

Posted 13 February 2018
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Ice cream and crayons. Forget children's menus, this combination is all about the ultra-cheerful new colour palettes coming to claim your wardrobe this year. Spring and summer 2018 is all about colour therapy, prints, patterns, feathers and fringes. From bold brights to perfect pastels, we can look forward to floral dresses, pencil skirts, transparent coats and shorts of all sorts.

The major fashion houses of Europe and America have had their say and we can already see their trends arriving on the high street from the likes of Phase Eight, Marks and Spencer, Boden and more. If the thought of summer clothing leaves you wanting to cover up though, don't worry.

Just as now is the time to plan your summer wardrobe, now is also the time to plan your summer body. I offer non-invasive cosmetic treatments that will allow you to be more confident in your couture this season, so what are you waiting for?

Aside from the dubious comebacks of 80's shoulders, 90's bum bags and even a little double denim, the year ahead sounds promising. It will place a lot of pressure on your legs though. Pencil skirts are set to be longer and more flattering than previous outings, but will still look better with lovely legs - as will suit shorts, beach shorts and of course bikini bottoms.

One of the most frequent problems I see affecting legs is the appearance of distressing thread veins, otherwise known as spider veins. Thread veins are fine, dilated veins that lie just below the surface of the skin, usually around the thigh and calf areas. In some people they are caused by varicose veins, but they can also appear as a result of hereditary links or hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause. In some cases, they are aggravated by regularly standing for long periods of time.

Around half of women in their 20s and an even greater 70% of women in their 50s have thread veins, so if you are troubled by them you are definitely not alone. The good news for your summer legs is that I offer an excellent treatment to help these veins vanish.

Microsclerotherapy is the gold standard treatment for removing leg thread veins. Simple and effective, it causes minimal discomfort and reduces the appearance of a vein by causing it's lining to swell so no blood can flow through. Eventually this swelling destroys the vein, making it much less noticeable or even invisible - leaving great looking legs.

Whilst there is minimal downtime required after microsclerotherapy and you can walk or drive straight away, compression stockings must be worn for a short time and some bruising is usually visible. This is not the best holiday look, so it is sensible to plan ahead and begin treatment well before the weather turns warmer. Summer bodies are made in winter after all!

If you want to be more confident in your couture this season, you can call 01722 632633 or 07493 520517 to book a free consultation and see how soon you could get started on your summer legs.

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